The Mission Truth International is planned long ago and its’ execution started in 2018. The Mission Truth’s first presentation is ‘Unique Phenomena’, the book which predominantly justifies various aspects of the earth atmosphere formation by the end of 2019. In 2020 the gravity part of this book is thoroughly justified in chapter 'IV' where various aspects of this universe are also discussed and the unique phenomena - special nature of the space inside the universe is revealed and declared. Along with this some special aspects of the earth atmosphere is also presented in chapter 'V' of this book.

In 2021 the Mission Truth International is offering its first presentation, the book ‘Unique Phenomena’ to the people of this world as planned for starting the establishment of truth on the earth.

The next planned offer of Mission Truth International is going to be declared in this website in due time.

The Mission Truth International is a movement for establishment of truth on this earth and so you need to join this movement from anywhere of this world . Mission Truth International’s special emphasis is to spread the truths of the nature and for that purpose it aims to spread its message to the students of this world who may educate coming generations about the truths of the nature of this earth and universe.