The ‘Mission Truth International’ is a one man movement to bring justice in the whole world for truth. But this mission is for all people of this earth. So anyone can join this movement. The mission of this ‘Mission Truth International’ is to reveal or disclose unknown truths which are searched for long times by the whole mankind but not found yet or not realized yet.

In the name of truth many stories, theories, hypotheses, doctrines are presented time to time but it appears that most of them are not at all close to the truth, rather deranged or diverted and sometimes perverted to wrong directions and have gone far away from the truth itself.

Specially the scientific community of today, even though developed so much, till when it arrives for the quest of the nature, of creation or evolution whatever we may call, is not only far away but in wrong direction of falsehood.

Today it has become a vicious inverted triangle of scientific communities in one side and educational systems and national governments on the other side and common people of the whole world below the bottom point of that inverted triangle.


Whatever the scientific communities project and declare, educational systems and national governments have no other options but swallow those projections and lead all common people of the whole world accordingly.

Specifically in case of the science of the nature the scientific communities diverted the whole world and its all people and governments and educational systems so much that it has become the necessity to make a brake and pull and turn back from the false direction to the direction of truth.

National governments of all the world spent and are spending billions and billions of national currency collected from the common people of this world for such searches of truths of nature, but unfortunately almost all such efforts and money have gone and going to false directions giving poorly acceptable results so far.

Religious communities as well as spiritual communities who were supposed to explore truth and lead common people towards such truth but it appears that they have also failed to perform there responsibilities and often they are also following the wrong directions of the scientific communities.

It appears that there is almost no justice left for the truth in the present day world regarding everything around us. The object of Mission Truth International is to bring back the required justice for the truth. The truth of what is there and the truth of what was there and the truth of what shall be there specially related to the nature and to the mankind.

The first priority of the Mission Truth International is to bring a partial reformation of the educational system of the whole world as it feels that due to the influence of scientific communities and governments there are many things are being taught to the students and all people of this world, which are not at all close to the truth.

The second priority of the Mission Truth International shall be declared after the first priority activities are over. This Mission Truth International’s aim is to create a gentle and peacefull worldwide movement for the justification of truth.

You can join to this movement with little extra efforts and you can be anyone anywhere in this world, from any country, one of the common people, one of educational systems, one of scientific communities, one of governments national or provincial, man or woman.

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