Q1. How can I join With Mission Truth International?
A. Click ‘CONTACT US’ and find details.

Q2. Can I join as a sponsor and a volunteer?
A. Yes you can. You may join as a sponsor or donor as well as a volunteer.

Q3. Can I join in national team directly?
A. There is no need. Once you join as a volunteer you become a part of the national team.

Q4. Can I join in global team directly?
A. No! Global team shall be formed from national teams.

Q5. Can I convert myself from a follower to a volunteer in future?
A. Yes you can.

Q6. I am a student and how can I be sponsored to collect the book ‘ Unique Phenomena’?
A. You have to join as a follower and then make a request for sponsored delivery of the book in prescribed format.

Q7. Can I get the book delivered at my home or office?
A. Yes. The book shall be delivered to the address you enter during joining. If you change the address then you have to inform before delivery.

Q8. Do I have to pay the delivery charges?
A. Yes. Delivery charges shall be paid by you.

Q9. Can I order more than 7 books of each publication of the Mission Truth International.
A. No. You cannot.

Q10. Can I/we select more than 7 students to sponsor.
A. Yes you can. But in that case you have to send names and delivery adresses of those students and also delivery charges and Mission Truth International shall directly send books to those students.